About us

We are a company dedicated to making a fair deal for car owners in Colorado, with or without a title. With a staff willing to negotiate directly with the owners of the vehicles and achieve an excellent deal.


Selling a car today with details such as crashed, without door, without title, etc., at a good price can be a bit complicated, there are bad intentions of third parties that can harm you in the end, scams are to the order of the day, however, if you contact us we will make you feel calm, because we negotiate without intermediaries and we make the sale as soon as possible.

Why sell my car?

Call Felix Cash for Cars tugs and get cash on the spot. We provide our crane to remove the vehicle as soon as possible from your property for free.

We buy your car

We take care of buying your car, no matter what condition it is in, we will give you the fair and necessary money for it. You can call us and I will be attending personally to listen to you and answer your questions. We Buy Titled Cars: If you have a titled car and you think it's time to sell it, look no further, here at Felix Cash for Cars we do everything we can to get you a fair price.

Give us your car without title

If you have wondered if it is possible to sell a car without a property document, then you are in the right place. We accept your vehicle without title and we do as if we have it, so do not worry anymore and call us right now.